The dream of the American backyard has changed to suit our everyday urban culture, and innovative architectural and landscaping products like OUTDECO® Garden Screen™, and a place of privacy to escape and get some chill-time on the deck, or entertain a few friends on a balmy summer night. We all know free time and space is becoming a precious commodity, so we want all that commodity focused 100% on lifestyle and not maintenance. The spacial efficiency and desirability of any outdoor space can be transformed by clever design elements like partition screen-walls, boundary walls and fences that also add level of architectural style and sophistication. A large tired, ugly fence,wall or utility area can seem imposing and make the space feel unloved, utilitarian and unwelcoming. Simply by treating this same space with desirable, low maintenance finishes the space will become 100% usable and inviting. Create a stunning deck area, and border this ‘outdoor-room’ with Outdeco screen panel walls. By using a screen feature wall you can hide the ugly fence (without a complete rebuild or neighborly dispute), you can extend the height so you have real privacy from peering eyes, or just the ugly fence top view of everyone else rooftops, bedroom windows or backyard junk. Also by defining the boundary as part of your “lifestyle area” you are claiming every inch of yard, and you can push the deck right up to the boundary or border it with a narrow planter. This way you can have the presence of garden foliage with low-maintenance and it won’t dramatically eat into your deck area. Similarly many back-of-house pergolas or verandahs, stretch the width of the house and have open ‘ends’ that look out the fence and neighbors aspect. A decadent feature on one or both ends would block this out, making the space feel, so much more private, tranquil and special. If you get morning or afternoon sun through these areas, it can cut harsh glaring sun, create stunning cast shadows and make for pleasant natural ambient light. Being timber-based (made from 100% Australian Hardwood) the panels are versatile to almost any project and any fixing or finishing technique. Read more here on how to create basic installations.